longboard for a good cause!

yeah we’re sketching for Sara … The artwork was already made by @hedof (Rick Berkelmans), we get the honor of transferring it onto a skate deck. The deck is gonna be auctioned and the money goes to the #voorsara foundation for researching the rare muscular disease #MDC1A … we will keep you informed about auctioning details … hope you’re all gonna be bidding high for this good cause … check out @voor_sara ( a like and share would be awesome ) ??

The 'Voorsara-Xdeck' in her natural Hedof habitat

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Let me introduce myself!

Thirty years ago, I was a kid, fantasizing about riding along on top of my radio controlled mini car. How great would that be?! Wouldn’t that be totally awesome?

Now, this crazy idea is finally coming true! I’m designing the brand identity, the deck shape, the website … other lovely people are reading in my CAD files into the CNC to make the wooden deck.  Another company is going to print the design I made, on top of the booster and the deck … I’m totally into this right now and off course I’m hoping you are too! So please let me know what you think of this whole idea … and if you are interested in buying this really cool and fun thing to cruise around then let me know.

I’m funding this thing with little to nothing, but am really certain that it’s gonna be big and people are gonna love it just as much as I do.

Today we made testrides and I can tell you, if you drive one, you will want one 😉