Awesome features

What is XDECK?

A specifically for higher speeds shaped 15mm ply-wood deck with a special grip design, matching the back printing in a stylish way.


XBOOSTER is a combination of a skateboard truck with two in-wheel motors and a swapable battery. It fits almost any skatedeck and comes with matching front truck and wheels.

93 mm wheel size

Larger wheels make the ride more comfortable. Acceleration and climbing is very powerful but smooth. The benefits from our outstanding motors!

Double bearing protection

Bearings are the most vulnerable parts in the whole system, so we adopted double side protection, greatly extending the life of the motor bearings.

Safety precautions

For system safety, the XBooster and Battery Pack are separately equipped with a circuit protection system, which is a truly double protection that prevents your sneakers from catching fire ;-)

Motor cooling

Porous Cooling Structure lets motor parts contact with air as much as possible, for cooling the heat from inside, which generated by the motor at high speeds.

2000 W


40 KM/H


25 KM



Hill grade

Insta gallery

A selection of our various Instagrams during testruns and just having fun.